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"The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" - UK Premiere, November 11, 2013

Willow Shields - Teen Vogue October 2012 (x)

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Sometimes I feel like Gary Ross or the whole cast made this huge pact to when an interview asked “Team Peeta or Team Gale?” they have to say Team Katniss, Team Haymitch, etc or atleast a character that is not Peeta or Gale.

“Some of these girls are like my sisters.” - Jacqueline Emerson.

“We were like a gang, we did everything together — out to eat, sleepovers, went to the movies. It felt like a slumber party for four months! Everyone was really sweet.” - Leven Rambin.

“Because she’s a survivor, and I trust her, and why not admit it? She reminds me of Prim.”


i love them all



Willow Shields as Primrose Everdeen.

Primrose “Prim” Everdeen is Katniss Everdeen’s younger sister. Unlike her sister in many ways, Prim was the opposite of Katniss in both looks and character, having blonde hair like their mother as well as an affinity for healing. President Snow put a barrier of children along the walls of his mansion to protect him from the Rebel attacks. Prim rushed in the barrier to save an injured child after the first wave of bombs exploded. She was then killed in the second explosion, along with other children, the rebel medics, and the Capitol medics. (x)

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